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My Videos

Silver Egg

Learn how to make a silver egg!


A super easy play dough recipe!

Silly Putty

How to make Silly Putty without Borax

Walking Water

Watch this amazing experiment Walking Water


Watch the amazing reaction between baking soda and vinegar in this awesome erupting volcano!


Make a lava lamp with simple materials in your home!

Glowing Fountain

A glowing Mentos fountain!


Create a slime that can be both a solid AND a liquid. OOBLECK!

Microwave Ivory Soap

Watch what happens when you put a bar of Ivory soap into the microwave!


How to make water glow!

Film Canister Rocket

How to make a film canister rocket!

Shrink Sun Chips

How to shrink a bag of Sun Chips.

Bouncy Ball

How to make a bouncy ball

Making Slime

How to make slime!

Tie Dye Milk

How to make Tie Dye Milk!

Flying Beads

Demonstrate Newton's Law of Inertia with Newton's Flying Beads

Elephant Toothpaste

How to make Elephant Toothpaste

Rubber Egg

How to make a rubber egg!

Sidewalk Chalk

DIY Sidewalk Chalk

Color Flowers

Color Changing Flowers

Runaway Pepper

Demonstrate Surface Tension with Runaway Pepper

Egg in a Bottle

How do you get an egg in a bottle?

Flame Out

How can you put out a flame without blowing or touching it?


Create your very own pinwheel!


How to make a hovercraft!

Moon Sand

Make your own Moon Sand with 2 simple ingredients!

Glowing Spinach

Can you make spinach glow?

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